I've added a new portal to the website: ZTrix.com. Why the new one and why have so many?

By the time I really started using the Internet as part of my marketing, I had incorporated under "Reaction Research, Inc." I did that because a) I have a number of business interests, b) the automotive products were just one of them, and c) within the automotive division, I have for some time been planning the sale of the VR Engineering assets to allow me to concentrate on other interests. So, I established "ReactionResearch.com" as the umbrella web address.

VR Engineering has really split into three distinct areas: 1) Kit bodies that fit on Datsun Zs, 2) other body products for the Datsun, such as fender kits, and 3) hardware products that are common to both the body kits and the more stock-looking Datsun body products.

Being a big believer in democracy, I took a poll of my employees and associates a few years ago to come up with a URL (website address) for all the Z-related products. "KitCarZ" was the result of that poll. However, I realized over the last few years that while it's a good lead-in for the rebody products, "KitCarZ" doesn't accurately describe the fender kits and other performance hardware.

Thus I recognized a need for a new name which would cover those products and that my racer customers wouldn't mind having painted on their racecars, as opposed to "kit-something."

For the moment, all the automotive URLs point to ReactionResearch.com/automotive.html. Eventually, as I get more time and more organized, I'll split things up a bit so the distinction will be more apparent. Meanwhile, whichever URL brought you here, thanks for your interest and for taking time to read the explanation!