Z Spyder

This is a temporary page put up to replace the Z Spyder page that was inadvertently deleted. Please accept my apologies until I am able to recreate the missing page. Meanwhile:

The Z Spyder is a conversion kit designed to fit the 2-seat 70-78 Datsun Z Cars. It consists of a rear deck, trunk lid, and a header cap for the top of the windshield. There is an optional convertible top available, as well as a removable hardtop shell.

Installation consists of

  1. removing the rear hatch,
  2. removing the headliner,
  3. removing the dome light and wiring,
  4. removing the rear quarter windows,
  5. cutting off the roof,
  6. bondign on the header cap,
  7. reinforcing the chassis (if desired),
  8. bonding on the rear deck,
  9. installing the trunk lid,
  10. blending the bond lines,
  11. preparing and painting the rear of the car,
  12. installing trunk and bulkhead trim, if desired.

For more detailed information on this kit, I offer an installation video tape. I inherited the master copy from the previous seller of the kit, and it is a bit rough in terms of content and technical quality. For that reason, I offer the tape at my cost of $10 including postage and handling. For Priority Mail service, please add $5 for a total of $15. Payments can be made via PayPal.com or personal check.

In spite of the reduced quality of the tape, it clearly illustrates all the steps involved. I think it will impart a complete understanding of the steps required to install this kit.

Check out some photos of completed Z Spyders at the

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