Types of Kits

Full Body Kits are just that: They cover or replace all of the existing Z or ZX body, with the exception of the windshield and windshield frame.

If you are building a kit that requires removal of the roof of the car, reinforcing of the unibody chassis is recommended.

Fender Kits consist of the air dam, front fenders, rear quarters, and a rear spoiler. The Subtle Z kit includes the hood, which is available as an upgrade on both the 940Z and 280YZ kits. The rear spoiler can be deleted from all kits for $150 credit.

The Subtle Z was designed primarily as a street kit, with the front fenders bolting on in place of the stock fenders. They can be attached with Dzuz fasteners for racing application. The Subtle Z is 1.5 inches wider than stock, on all four corners.

The 940Z and 280YZ are designed as racing kits, with the front fenders having smaller returns and being designed to Dzuz on. However, they can be bolted on with slight modification. The 940Z kit is about 2 inches wider than stock on all four corners, while the 280YZ adds about 3 inches on either side at both front and rear.

All three fender kits utilize rear quarters that are designed to attach via either Dzuz fasteners or bonding over the existing rear quarters. The stock panels must be trimmed out to provide room for the larger wheels and tires required.

Any parts from these kits can be supplied separately. If you want to retain your stock front end, but need large rear quarters to cover monster drag slicks on your V8 Z, you can buy the rear quarters separately.

Conversely, if you have already modified your rears and want to upgrade the fronts, you can purchase separately any of our front fenders. Please note, however, that because of the extra width you will need to either purchase a matching air dam, or modify the one you are planning to use.

Roadster Kits consist of a header cap for the top of the windshield, a rear deck, and a trunk lid. We are not currently offering convertible tops for the kits because we are redesigning the previous tops. However, there is a removeable hardtop available for the Z Spyder.