Hi, I'm John Washington!

I incorporated under the Reaction Research name late in 1998. The reason for the new name and new corporate identity was to give me an umbrella under which to operate all my activities.

I began my work life around age 10 in a local bicycle shop (The Wheel, Columbia, TN). The very generous owner, A.C. Howell, started me out sweeping the floor and changing flat tires. Eventually I earned a Schwinn Factory Trained Mechanic certificate. I received an aerospace engineering degree that I probably didn't deserve from the University of Tennessee, a nice shiny set of silver wings courtesy of some very expensive flight lessons from my Uncle Sam, and worked in the areas of airspace management and aircrew training research (with emphasis on night vision devices).

I still maintain my commercial pilot's license, and have an instrument rating, multi-engine rating, and seaplane rating.

My current business began with the construction of the first Velo Rossa in the base auto hobby shop, and with the help of many of my friends. By the time I was finished with the Air Force (and they were done with me!) I had a new venture all ready to go.

I've always had an eye toward moving back in the direction of my earlier interests. That, coupled with recently renewed interests in ergonomics and biomechanics, led me to restructure under a name that reflects all these interests.

As of January 2003, VR Engineering
and all of its Z car-related products
are once again
part of Reaction Research!

For more information, please see the Automotive tab. I also hope to soon offer you
even more exciting products in the areas of automotive,
aviation, biomechanical devices, and athletic performance.

In addition, I am doing more and more engineering and technical consulting.
If you have a need for our services in any of these areas,
please let me know and I'll show you how I can help!