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This is the credit card ordering page for the Velo Rossa Z Body Kit Installation Manual. This is a new feature and uses PayPal's technology to process your order and transmit it to me for immediate shipping via Priority Mail. The cost of the manual is $20 and the postage and handling cost is $5, for a total of $25. At this time I am only accepting orders through this method for U.S. delivery. If you are outside the U.S. please contact me for shipping costs to your country and arrangements for payment.

Orders for other products can also be concluded with PayPal payments. However, please contact me directly for arrangements for payments and shipping until I have time to load other products into the PayPal system.

This "buy now" feature requires first time PayPal users to step through a very easy and self-explanatory setup dialog. If you have difficulty understanding the process, please feel free to contact me for additional help. I can be reached at

If you do not have a credit card, I also accept checks and money orders at (this is a MAILING ADDRESS ONLY and is NOT the location of my shop):

Reaction Research, Inc.
3370 N Hayden Rd
Ste 123 PMB 125
Scottsdale AZ 85251-6632

If paying by mail, please allow appropriate additional time for delivery.

This manual will assist you with all of your questions about the Velo Rossa and parts are applicable to all my Z body and fender kits. Please read the FAQs page, order the manual and read it thoroughly, and then email me if you have more questions.

If you've read the FAQs and the Installation Manual, we can converse much more intelligently and efficiently about the real questions you may have rather than rehashing questions I've already answered in both places!

The manual is 8.5 x 11 inch format, with dozens of illustrations not only of recommended building practices, but also options employed by, and custom features designed by my customers. It is bound with a comb binding so that it will lay flat on the work bench, and includes strategically placed blank pages for notes.

PLEASE NOTE: Two customers have reported difficulty ordering through this page. One was a WebTV user. One version of the WebTV browser apparently was not compatible with PayPal. No determination of cause was made in the other case. PayPal has been notified of the incompatibility. If you have trouble, PLEASE let me know. You can also go straight to PayPal's website, establish an account (very simple), enter the appropriate amount, and transfer to my account at

Thank you in advance for your order!

John Washington