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21 Jan 2013, AHA Pomona Handcrafted Car Show is 13 April AHA Show
14 Feb 2012, Happy Valentine's Day to Hank Held, article in KCB Hank Held Velo Rossa
8 Feb 2012, uploaded Charles Ryan's Subtle/280YZ build write up Charles Ryan PDF (2 mb file)
31 Jan 2012, National Z Convention comes to Phoenix ZCON
26 Jan 2012, Spring is Here Again News, 26 Jan 2012
10 March 2010, Spring Car Shows coming News, 10 March 2010
2 August 2008, Lots of catching up to do. I can't believe it has been more than a year since I posted the last update!
2 August 2008, Stolen Velo Rossa in Eugene, Oregon Nathan Flemings Velo Rossa was stolen from his carport 27 July 2008
19 July 2007, it's HOT in Arizona Balmy Summer in Arizona, Help prevent overheating!
12 February 2007, car shows coming up Planning for Spring Car shows in SoCal
21 July 2005, Glass shop closed for 2 weeks, price increases looming. News, 21 July 2005
21 February 2005, News for the New Year
02 November 2003, Linked to Kit Car Magazine's article on Jim Williams's car
19 October 2003, Updated dash information and posted new photos
17 October 2003, Added information on Mike Adair's LS1-powered VR project
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I'm going to the West Coast Z Car Nationals in Orange, CA 25-27 April! Go to this link for more info.

Added 3 April: NEW PRODUCT, Z Hood Vents
Added 25 March: Dash option photos at
Added 3 March: Extensive information on suspension modification.
Added 26 February: Photo of the New Generation Velo Rossa Cheek Panels. Simplified installation with a much cleaner appearance!
Added 23 February: GTORR Gallery link to Marc Wagner's website; great VR build sequence photos!

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