West Coast Z Car Nationals

I'm planning to attend the Motorsport Auto "West Coast Z Car Nationals" 25-27 April in Orange, California not far from Disneyland. You can get more information on the show from Motorsport at: http://www.zcarparts.com/shows.htm.

I’m going to be bringing parts for at least two customers and would like to extend an offer to any prospective customers to deliver kits and parts to the show. I am offering GREATLY REDUCED shipping costs (like you buy lunch or something) and NO CRATING CHARGES to anyone who takes delivery at this time.

This can save as much as $300 on crating and $500 on shipping, depending on the kit. Plus, you will get to see a great show and more Zs in one place than you’ve ever seen in your life! Of course, one of the best aspects of a personal delivery is for me to meet you face-to-face and answer in depth your questions about the kits and installation.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please let me know IMMEDIATELY (john@reactionresearch.com), as there is not much time left for me to get parts made for you before I leave. Also, I have a pretty big pickup truck, but once it’s full…”that’s all folks.”

I’m pretty excited to be attending, as the last several years this show has conflicted with the big kit car show at Knott’s Berry Farm. After all the turmoil of last year, I’m left without a demo Velo Rossa for that show. However, I am lucky enough to have Ted Fisher’s fantastic 280 YZ race car (http://www.reactionresearch.com/Fisher%20PIR/index.htm) going to the Motorsport show.

I’ll also have some of my brand new 280 Z hood vents (www.reactionresearch.com/hoodvents.html).

I look forward to hearing from you and or seeing you at the Show!