1984 Mazda RX7 For Sale

This 1984 GS-model RX7 has no known collision history. Condition is fair, but complete. The 12A engine appears to be completely intact and the previous owner told me that it runs. However, I only got it to turn over once before the starter bendix gave out.

VIN is JM1FB3318E0823678. Odometer indicates 156,480 miles. It has a factory-original pop-up, lift-out sunroof, and a five-speed transmission. This car has the factory pop-top/lift-out sunroof, manual windows and manual door locks. I have the title to the car. It is clear and it has been notarized open by the previous owner.

I would be happy to accommodate prospective buyers who wish to try starter swap to verify condition of the engine before purchase.

For more details or to inquire about purchase, parting out, shipping, etc., please call me at 480.229.1831, or email to john@ReactionResearch.com.

The car is located in downtown Scottsdale, AZ, about 15 minutes from the main airport in Phoenix.

Price is $495 or best offer.

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