Impala SS Low Profile "Ram Air" Hood

Fits Chevrolet Caprice and Chevrolet Impala SS sedans and wagons from 1991-1997

This hood will cool your car's intake manifold and top end plumbing for higher intake flow, cooler intake temperatures, and increased horsepower! It will also work with a variety of alternative "cold air" intake systems. The vents also greatly reduce under-hood temp at idle and after shut down, by venting hot air that is trapped at the top of the engine bay.

This high-quality fiberglass hood is one-third the weight of the stock steel hood, yet it looks completely stock except for the low-profile ram air vents. This hood is designed to use stock hinges, struts, and latches, though since it is lighter you may want to use lighter-force struts. It can also be pinned on for racing and to save additional weight.

Finish is white gel coat on both top and bottom of the hood. It is ready to be prepped and painted. Full stock-appearance inner liner adds tremendous stiffness, and a much cleaner appearance than raw fiberglass.

All for a price of only $950!!!!!!!!!

Hood may be picked up in Phoenix area, or I can ship motor freight to your door (business addresses) for approximately $195. Freight collect and residential delivery are more expensive. Item must be crated for shipping, and $95 (my cost) for professional crating must be included.

I designed and fabricated the prototype and mold for this part. I would consider quantity orders, group-buy orders, custom orders (carbon fiber or other lightweight construction), as well as selling the mold. Please email me for ordering info: or call 480.229.1831.

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