Z Hub Extenders are your solution to finding wheels to fit your 70-83 Z or ZX!

The first and second generation used a 'zero offset' or 'rear-wheel drive offset' with a four-lug bolt pattern. However, virtually all off-the-rack four-lug wheels available today are only available in 'front-wheel drive offset.' Thus, the Z enthusiast is forced to purchase very expensive custom- or semi-custom built wheels to get correct width to fill out the wheel well and yet retain the four-lug pattern.

Z Hub Extenders are available in thicknesses from one-inch to three-inches, and to accept any four-bolt wheel. These extenders effectively convert the Z hubs to front-wheel drive offset. Once you've installed these extenders (easy, semi-permanent installation) you will never have a problem fitting modern, front-wheel drive wheels...of ANY STYLE YOU LIKE!

Includes all lug nuts, and complete instructions from $149/pair (for one-inch; greater thicknesses are slightly more).

For more information contact Info@ReactionResearch.com