Changing Domain Registration

Because of difficulty with Network Solutions and their unreceptiveness to my suggestions, I am in the process of re-registering all my domains with Unlike NS, 123 has been EXTREMLY receptive to all my feedback. As a bonus, they are MUCH less expensive than NS.

In fact, within a day of discovering a couple of minor workflow glitches with their registration process, the 123 programming team established a running dialogue with me and made several changes to mirror my suggestions!

Over the past few years I've begun to notice a pattern with regard to customer service. I'm sure economists and marketing folks already have a fancy name for it, but it is essentially an equation of balance. On one side you have company size, and the variety of services and economies of scale that come with increasing size. On the other side you have the customer service and more personalized attention you get with decreasing size.

There is some magic balance point where you get enough of the economy of scale to be a good value without sacrificing so much customer service that your customers go to your competitors looking for it. Unfortunately, at most companies the bean counters rule the first part until the company loses enough customers that some other faction has to take over and fix the customer service issues.

There seems to be a constant flux around this magic balance point. Companies who don't deviate too far from it, stay in business. Those that don't are eliminated through Darwinian economics.

Network Solutions is deviating pretty far down the bean counter path...too far for me.