Daytona ZX Spyder, 280 ZX donor car

The Daytona ZX Spyder is a complete rebody kit for the 1979-1983 Datsun 280ZX.
It consists of a front clip, hood, door skins,windshield header cap, rear clip, and trunk lid.

This car belongs to Robert Nassry in Los Angeles. The photos were shot at Venice Beach.

You can also build the Daytona kit as a coupe (fixed-roof hardtop). If your donor has T-tops, you can leave those in place.
For coupe builders the rear tub includes molded-in side panels that go around the quarter windows.

This car belongs to a guy who's name I cannot remember. He worked at Spa Guy in the Palomar, CA area
when these photos were shot. If you recognize the car and know the guy, please email me at

This is Harry Lampe's car. Harry is from the Tampa, FL area. He bought the car from me as a partial turnkey,
which had been sitting for several years. However, the donor car is a factory turbocharged ZX!

I will post more photos as Harry makes progress on the car.