Biomedical Interests at Reaction Research

My interests in the biomedical field are primarily in human physical performance enhancement. As a semi-serious cyclist for over thirty years, cycling is my focus. Projects in this field have included varus/valgus shoe angle adjustment devices for alleviating foot and knee pain, and improving power output and econom. See Paul Swift's "The Wedge" cleat adjusters at:

I use this product for both road cycling and mountain biking.

I have also designed and fabricated my own handlebars to improve comfort and endurance.

I am also interested in custom-molded athletic shoe orthotics with higher margins than currently available, for non-cycling applications.

Other projects include recumbent cycles, hybrid electric/human-powered cycles, fully cambering three wheel recumbents, lever-driven wheelchairs, other forms of linear and semi-linear drives, confined area exercise devices ("home gyms," "travel gyms," and specific-motion rehabilitation devices), and devices for treatment of sleep apnea and other breathing disorders.

I consult with biomechanists and biomedical engineers about these and a variety of other interests. If you have interest in these fields and would like to discuss them, please contact me via information at the bottom of my frequently asked questions page: