Porsche 911 Super Wide Body Kit Project

This is a plug, or full-scale mockup of a kit body for a Porsche 911. It can also be adapted to a VW pan (chassis) and used with a rear engine or mid engine configuration.

The front of the car looks a lot like a Ferrari F40 and the rear much like a Dodge Viper. As you can see, the wheel wells are huge, and can accommodate very wide wheels and tires.

A mold for a fiberglass hood to fit this car and stock 911s is included.

The plug is rough and the 911 body upon which it was fabricated is rusty, and therefore good only for purposes of prototyping. There is no running gear remaining on the car.

The air dam plug pictured here is missing. A replacement can be fabricated for reasonable additional cost, or a wide variety of aftermarket air dams can be fitted.

From its present condition the "right" way to proceed would be to do some light finish work, make temporary ("splash") molds, and make parts from those molds to install on a solid body shell for finishing and final production tooling.

For whatever it costs, I can arrange the finish work and molding (up to and including production tooling, first set of parts, installation on a demo vehicle, photography, and marketing), as well as crating and shipping of the molds.

The splash molds would be cheaper and easier to ship than the complete plug. However, you are welcome to pick up the plug in Phoenix and I will assist you with truck or trailer rental arrangements (if you wish to pick up and transport yourself) and loading. I can deliver the plug (or molds) for additional cost within the Southwest US (AZ, So CA, NV, CO, NM, TX). Otherwise, I can arrange for shipping to your location at your expense.

The vehicle is located about 5 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. If you wish to inspect it, I can arrange for transportation to and from Sky Harbor for serious buyers.

I have approximately $5000 invested in this project and would like to recover my investment. However, I will accept the best cash offer.

Sale of the plug/vehicle is "as is," unless other arrangements (such as some degree of completion of the project for additional cost) are made. There is no title for this vehicle, and sale will be documented with a bill of sale.

Terms of sale for auction buyers: 25% or $500 (whichever is greater) is due within 3 days of winning bid. Vehicle must be inspected (if desired) and remaining balance (if any) is to be paid within 30 days of the winning bid and before shipping/delivery/pick up. Vehicle must be shipped, delivered, or picked up within 30 days of the winning bid unless other arrangements (e.g., storage, completion, etc.) are made and appropriate deposits pre-paid.

For more information or to make an offer, please email me at